Magic cofounder sauce, underdog upside, managing strategic investors, and what it takes to raise over 21M scaling technology in the world of construction management

For today’s conversation we chatted in-depth with the cofounders of StandUp ventures’ portfolio company Bridgit, a rapidly scaling company disrupting construction management — Mallorie Brodie and Lauren Lake. In 2020 Bridgit tripled revenue and closed a 9M strategic investment led by Autodesk, bringing the total amount raised to over 21M. They currently employ 72 wonderful people, and are on track for 3x growth again this year.

Lauren Lake and Mallorie Brodie, Bridgit’s Cofounders

At first impression, Mallorie and Lauren seem similar; studious, confident, and very friendly. But after a few minutes of conversation it becomes clear that they are different. While Mallorie is an energy bomb, quick…

3 Investments, 2 Follow-Ons, and 1 Little Human

Left to right; Dr. Molly Shoichet (Amacathera), Shelby Austin (Arteria AI), Stephany Lapierre (Tealbook), Candice Faktor (Disco), Sarah Jenna (MiMS), Marie Chevrier (Sampler)

Ah, April 1st — the first day of the new quarter. 2021 definitely kicked off with a bang, while the team at StandUp is starting to get used to (dare I say, enjoying?) this whole remote investing thing. It was a pretty busy start to the year!

Our family of exceptional women-led ventures has grown by 3 this quarter, with the addition of legal tech, a platform for the creator economy, and an innovation in polymer research to our portfolio.

We also took part in some exciting follow-on’s. Tealbook raised an 18M Series A led by RTP Global, to grow…

Katheleen Eva

From neuroscience to startup builder to VC. Investing in women-led B2B enterprise & health technologies at StandUp Ventures

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